Lead with Process – Drive with Change

“Lead with process.”  We say that to remember not to overly rely on tools and techniques but to build sound business process first.  Sound business process will not work unless their is a plan to ensure its success.  To ensure this success we must enable the first and most important process which is change management.

Change Management processes is the first key process to get teams onboard with. When teams are accepting of change management then we can drive the new processes with the change management process.

Business processes are the foundation for doing things consistently.  Process can be flexible but is always understandable.  Business process can be drawn on a whiteboard and everyone can see the beginning and the end and understand its purpose.

Once the business process is set then tools can be applied against the business process.  If the processes are sound and vetted and the tools are best in class (or pretty close) failure usually occurs due to change management.  Users are not ready to adapt to the new system and they resist.

To properly execute new process and tools, organizations must apply change management processes to ensure users are prepared for the change and ready to accept it.

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