For Projects – The End Justifies the Means

Robots are logical. If you watched Lost in Space on TV as a kid they in fact cannot be anything but logical.

Most of us in the information technology world are drawn to this industry because of our logical nature. We see things in black and white. When posed with a problem we want to solve it (the end) in black and white.

The essence of our industry, when you boil it down, is data. Data is binary. When you boil data down into its pure form you get binary bits of on/off, yes/no. Logical people are drawn to this simplicity. We like things to be yes or no. Gray areas or long conversations about why something ‘isn’t quite yes’ and ‘isn’t quite no’ give us headaches.

So, to quell our headaches we seek out logical approaches or solutions to problems we face daily. Because we all really just want to solve problems in the most efficient way possible we are attracted to simple logical solutions and abhor complicated solutions of which we can’t see the end.

Solutions may take many paths. Everyone has different approaches to solve problems. In reality much of the time we spend on our projects is convincing others that our way is the best way. If someone else is in charge of the solution, they are always defending their approach which means they are not working on the solution itself. Project Managers spend so much of their time defending the plan.

We can all agree that there have been times were approaches different than ours actually solved the problem and were successful. The whole time we worked on the project we in fact would have done it much differently. But in the end if the problem is solved we can all agree that we were successful.

Always keep present the outcome you and your team wish to achieve and celebrate success. The end (success) always justifies the means.

Joe Blake – Cue the Robots

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